How to Apply International Driving Licence simple steps 2019

International Driving License India - Friends if you want to drive abroad. So you must have an International Driving License.
Although there are some such people. Those who want to go abroad for jobs or want to drive on some foreign roads.
 But driving abroad requires an International Driving Permit.
By the way, in India this license is easily made within 2 to 7 days. But before making it, you should have the necessary documents given below.
Only then your work will be done here soon. In today's article, we are going to tell. How to apply for International Driving License And what documents should you have to make it.
International Driving License India

Documents required for International Driving License

To get an International Driving License, you must have the following document below. And these documents should be self attested by the applicant.

·        Carbon copy of indian driving license
·        5 passport size photos
·        Carbon copy of valid passport
·        Carbon copy and original copy of valid visa
·        Form 4A
·        Carbon copy of air ticket
·        Medical certificate
·        Certificate of being an Indian citizen
·        Carbon copy of address proof
·        Copy of age certificate

Explain that Form 4 is a very important document in this. By the way, these are found in your RTO office. But you can also download it by going to the RTO site.

Where to apply for making International Driving License?

It is very easy to get an International Driving License in India. So today I am going to tell you two ways to get an International Driving License.
The first of which is with the help of RTO Office and the second is by applying online, so let's know both ways one by one.

How to get international driving license from RTO?

To get an international driving license from RTO, first of all you must have all the documents mentioned above. And it also has a CMV Form 4.
In which you have to fill all your information correctly. Because it may face rejections if wrong information is filled in it.
Therefore, fill all the information carefully. Now you have to apply in the RTO office of your district by filling this form.
A medical test is taken after applying. In which the mental and physical condition of the applicant is ascertained. This process costs up to Rs 800 in total.

How to get International Driving License online?

International driving license can also be made online. However, getting an online driving license can be expensive.
 Because you may have to spend $ 34 US dollars here.
To get the license, you have to go to the official website of the International Traffic Control Association and apply with all the valid documents.
The special thing about this site is that the license can be made quickly by applying from here.


The validity of Friends International Driving License is 1 year. And it cannot be renewed.
This license is valid in other countries besides USA, Australia, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. What do we hope is an International Driving License?
 Where is it made You must have understood. If you have any question So you can ask in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.
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